tonvibration vs. ohne-ton : 1st public concert

Thats it. This tuesday me and my friend Thomas ( played the first live-gig in a public place.

We used the possibility of the "Talentbuehne"- a open stage @jakobshof/aachen where normally semi-professional jazz musicians, comedians, and poets present their program briefly. It was the first time for the audience that there where confronted with electronic music. In fact before our appearance a Jazzcombo of 2 men played alonge their songs: one man at the piano and one at the saxophone They where really good, but after a few songs it sounds to me like all the same. Sorry - but while some people can not differentiate between electronic songs, it is the same to me with this melodic jazz thing. Then a comedian entered the stage. But the only time the audience laughed where the times he got completely lost. So in that way - it was funny. And after that our big moment has come.... :

The set was more club-oriented than the 1st Home-concert. We decided to play alternating one song of tonvibration followed by one of ohne-ton and again. Thus we avoided a tracing between the Songs, which arises otherwise inevitably while the loading procedure. So it become a 30 minute dance mix of 6 songs presented in one flow.

The following set was played:
(Please notice that the linked mp3 are older versions of the songs and no real live recordings)



Download mp3

Intruder 4:09min_5,8 MB
Piano-man 4:35min_4,2 MB
Heaven 303 3:30min_3,3 MB
Sputnik 3:12min_2,9 MB
(vocals triggered
by ohne-ton)
4:58min_4,7 MB
(fx-sounds played
by tonvibration)
no download yet
As you see - we enjoyed ourselves hardley. (By the way: Thomas is not grabbing his nose because i am farting, or because our equipment is melting under the red spotlight - it just seems to be a little nervous tick of him)

Well and the audience... those one we brought in enjoyed it.

And the others - normally used to listen to Jazz - seemed a little bit confused...: All these beats... made by MACHINES.. what in hell was it?..... but anyway beside this cultural shock they seemed to enjoy it too. (In fact i guess that none of these are netizens and so we could economise the T-shirts because no one will get the link...)

How big this cultural gab could be is also show in the short interview the moderator made with us after the performance. He is a realley funny guy, but he must think that we are freaks (ok - in some kind of view we are!), when asking us if we always played with computers in our childhood, and if he askes if we know where the pizza come from ("the pizzamen?"). Furthermore he asked us about our vocals. Oh...yeah. He only understand "we,we are borg" and now he wants to know what does that mean. So i try to tell him about this Startrek race of cybernetic beeings, but shocking to me he does not know Startrek. (Also he had heard about Capt. Kirk....)

Later on he told us that although it is not his kind of music he was very impressed by the performance and suggested that the next time we will play it would be better to put away the tables so the people could dance, because it seems to be dance music. Got it :-) And while we relieve our equipment a local producer came and told us that we have done really great. (But again this was no netizen and he could not watch the side you are watching right now - Aix la chapelle is a really old city....;-) So in the end - it was great. It was fun. And it will be not the last time we are hitting stage! So look foreward for next performance...

Thats it.
And best regards to our fans! You make us rock!
(Thanx to Joachim for taking pictures)

c.u. MAT